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Why do I need a termite and pest inspection?


Termites can spread. FAST. A termite, or any other pest infestation in either your current, or future property, can cause THOUSANDS of dollars in structural damage. When we inspect your property for termites, we spare no corner or crevice. We will happily get into those hard to reach places in order to help protect your property. Further, our Adelaide building inspectors are accredited pest inspectors, insured, and backed by the Jim’s Group 100% satisfaction guarantee so we can set your mind at ease!

Once we have completed the inspection, we can then give you a comprehensive management plan, and recommendations on treatment. Using our years of experience, we know the next step forward for a property that has been suspect to pest and termite damage.

Don’t gamble with your property investments, call us today to book an inspection.

We can inspect:

  • House interior
  • House exterior
  • Roof spaces
  • Under the house
  • Sub-floor area
  • Property