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A Detailed Look At Building Inspection Checklists

Building Inspection Checklist

A Detailed Look At Building Inspection Checklists

by | Oct 24, 2021

Creating A Building Inspection Checklist

Inspection checklists are an essential part of ensuring due diligence is taken when undertaking a building inspection. It can help you perform all the crucial tasks on time with a lesser chance of errors. These checklists ensure consistency and timely completion of the inspection.

Inspection checklists can help you meet the standards of the industry. A building inspection checklist can help timely identify the troublesome areas that you should not ignore at any cost. A building inspection checklist includes a significant number of points arranged in the order of degree of concern.

The building inspection checklist is advantageous for the prevention of property defects. Building inspection checklists can check the level of dilapidation and protect the building and the occupants.

Benefits Of A Building Inspection Checklist

It is crucial to make a good building inspection checklist template to prevent accidents and minimize downtime. A good inspection checklist can help you address the following matters.

Meeting the regulatory standards

A good building inspection checklist can help you check the quality of all the products used in the building. If a building is under construction, a building inspection checklist ensures that every material and procedure are utilized under the required protocols and meets the market’s regulatory standards.

Improving the quality of the building

Making a regular building inspection template can help you check the process involved in building construction, running, and maintenance. With a consistent checklist used in every build, even a relatively new inspector will feel confident that they have not been negligent in missing any essential defects within a property.

Improve workplace safety

When you are working on a commercial building, it is essential to conduct regular inspections. It can help you make necessary changes in time. The pre-purchase building inspection checklist can help you identify and address safety hazards before any mishap.

Inspections can automatically train the mindset of workers quickly towards noticing the issues concerned with the health and safety of the occupants. As soon as a new hazard arises, the workers see it quickly and address it before any mishap. However, if a checklist is incomplete a hazard may be missed.

Improved maintenance planning

Regular inspections according to the checklist can help you diagnose how often a particular type of equipment needs an inevitable repair. They can also help you keep a proper maintenance record. With the help of inspection checklists, you can schedule a repair before failure occurs, avoiding delays and minimizing downtime.

Points To Include In A House Inspection Checklist

Your checklist should include the following areas:

  • Roof
  • Foundation
  • Attic space
  • Rain gutters and downspouts
  • Light switches, power outlets, and complete electrical panel
  • Plumbing fixtures, water heaters, and faucets
  • Doors, windows, floors, ceilings, and walls
  • Basement and garage
  • Porches, balconies, walkways, and driveways
  • Railings, stairs, and steps
  • Ventilation system, thermostats, and HVAC

Moreover, when a building inspector visits the building to perform a complete inspection, you should be present with them. The Inspection should takes at least a few hours. Make sure your inspector takes notes and photographs of the areas which require attention.

A Commercial Building Inspection Checklist

When you decide to purchase a commercial property, it is not only about the expenses that have to be paid, but it also requires a lot of consideration and a proper inspection of the building. You can hire professional inspectors that can thoroughly check the installations.

The inspectors must have a good inspection checklist with them to give you the required results. Some things are essential and must not be ignored at any cost while your building is being inspected. Here are some of the most important things that a commercial inspector will focus on during the inspection process.

The five major systems of a building

When you decide to buy a commercial building, an essential thing that needs to be checked is the five major systems. These include central electrical, mechanical, heating, plumbing, and ventilation systems. The inspector will include all these systems in their building checklists. They must check if any of the systems are not functioning according to the needs of the building. If so, then the inspector will estimate the cost needed to repair the faulty parts.

The exterior of the building

The second thing to be checked in a building is its exterior. The critical point is that a building’s exterior does not only include the outer walls. The structure’s surface has a complete checkup, including the parking lots, landscaping, and roofing.

The inspector will determine if the building is structurally beneficial for the type of use you plan for it. Inspectors might also consult the roofing experts and construction contractors to inspect the exterior of a building thoroughly.

The interior of the building

The third and essential part of a commercial building that needs to be checked is its interior. This portion of inspection has two primary purposes. One of them is to check that the interior spaces meet the user’s needs, and the second one is to check for any safety-related risks.

The inspector will observe every single portion of the interior of the building. This type of inspection will highlight any need for renovations in the building if it is not up to code.

The building documentation

The last part of a building inspection checklist includes the reviewing of its documentation. A building inspector checks for all the necessary documents required when you decide to buy a building.

They review appraisals, building plans, citations, certificates of occupancy, construction permits, evacuation plans, and environmental studies. All these records will give you the actual cost of owning a building and then help you determine the property’s value.

Should You Use A Professional Inspector?

To conclude the entire discussion about the building property inspection checklist, we recommend hiring a professional inspector. Still, besides that, you should also know about all the details of the inspection checklist. We have provided you with all the crucial points that you need to check in a residential or commercial building before you buy it.




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