About the Jim’s Group

As a division of the Jim’s Group, Jim’s Building Inspections is a nationally recognized, and trusted company, that is a part of an even bigger, nationally recognized and trusted company. While many people around Adelaide have seen Jim’s Mowing, or another one of our divisions, people are often surprised to know just how many divisions the Jim’s Group is comprised of!

Jim’s Building Inspections Adelaide has been operating in SA since 2012, and has since developed a fantastic reputation for being the premier building inspection company in Adelaide. Further, our Adelaide building inspectors have, individually, developed outstanding reputations for their care, quality of work, and most importantly, customer service acumen.

As with all Jim’s Divisions, Jim’s Building Inspections Adelaide is held to the extremely high, Jim’s Group 100% customer satisfaction guarantee requirements. Unlike some other building inspections companies in Adelaide, if you have any issues whatsoever with your inspection (which will be a very rare occurrence!) there is a very clear and direct process to resolve this as soon as possible and we will always go above and beyond to leave you with a fantastic experience to tell people about!

We know that it is so important that we are delivering the best quality customer experiences possible. This value has been echoed down from our founder and CEO, Jim Penman, and is adopted by every single one of the over 3,500 franchisees.

The Jim’s Group has been around from 1989, and has had customer service at the forefront of our vision for just as long! We take our reputation for excellent service, and products, seriously and are always looking for opportunities to demonstrate our care for our customers. We are a brand to be trusted, and a brand to be tested! We will not disappoint!


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