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How To Become A Building And Pest Inspector

Building Inspector Doing the Checklist

How To Become A Building And Pest Inspector

by | Oct 24, 2021

Are you planning to become a building and pest inspector? With the rapid development of the building and construction industry in Australia, this is a lucrative job. Not only do more people understand the importance of Building Inspections but more buildings are coming up that require mandatory inspection.

However, like any other profession, you need to be prepared and meet all the qualifications to succeed as a building and pest inspector. This article offers you a comprehensive guide on how to become a building and pest inspector in Australia.

What Roles Do Building Inspectors Play?

When you become a building and pest inspector, you assess buildings and note all the possible issues and defects. You should be familiar with the safety and structural requirements that a building needs to meet to be classified as fit for use. As an inspector, you influence the construction and planning stages of new builds and advise of the structurally integrity of established builds.

Some of the major tasks that building and pest inspectors perform on a day to day basis include:

  • Inspect all the safety conditions of a building.
  • Offer advice to developers, owners, and builders.
  • Assess all building plans.
  • Inspect all building safety conditions.
  • Ensure that buildings meet all the codes of compliance and legislation.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Building Inspector?

Have a Good Understanding of Building Legislation and Codes

Becoming a building and pest inspector does not end with licensing and training. As a commercial or residential building inspector, you should be updated with Australian building legislation, Australian building standards, and the building code of Australia. These codes and regulations are covered in the completed residential building inspector course. Therefore, you should be updated with all the amendments to all the laws, standards, and codes.

Be Ready for Dirty Work

Just having the right qualifications and understanding the codes does not mean you are ready to work as a building and pest inspector. You have to be ready to get dirty since the job involves going through tight spaces and being exposed to different creepy crawlies. This is necessary to ensure that you carry out the building inspections properly.

To become a reputable inspector, you should be ready to work in the worst conditions. You have to be ready to climb stairs and ladders and crawl in dark manholes without knowing what awaits you inside. You should always be prepared to encounter wasps, bees, and other pests when doing pest inspections.

If you are the kind of person who always likes being clean, a property inspection job may not be the right match for you. As an inspector, you will  also spend most of your time shuffling under dirty buildings where you encounter smells, mould, and animal faeces. Even during severe weather conditions, you might not take a day off. When raining, you might have to be there to take note of damaged gutters, poor drainage, and faulty downpipes. You will have to climb into roof cavities with all the heat during summer and ensure that the job is done well.

Attain Social Skills

Working as a building and pest inspector involves interacting with property owners and other professionals in the building industry. The inspection job does not only involve checking the property, writing building inspection reports and sending them to your clients. You should be ready to deal with problematic, emotional, and excited clients every day.

As a building and pest inspections professional, you should be able to clearly explain to your clients what you have experienced and communicate with builders on the repairs that need to be done. Chances are also high that you will deal with odd objections. So, you should know how to deal with such objections calmly and professionally. How you communicate and interact with your clients can make or break your building and pest inspections career.

Possess Outstanding Skills to Write Building Inspection Reports

After you have done the inspection job, the most important task is writing a comprehensive inspections report. Writing the report is crucial since it shows the actual condition of the property and all that you found during the inspection process. As a result, you should possess great report writing skills. These skills enable you to write a report that is easy to understand.

The report should help your clients understand all aspects of the defects in the building. As you write the inspection report, you should be able to outline all details of the problems and include an assessment that shows the severity of the issues in the property. The report should also indicate the urgency in which these issues require repairs. As a professional, you should have the ability to explain in writing the various options for repairing the faults.

You Need to Have a Conscience

When you work as a building inspector, you should not be in a rush to make money. You should ensure that you do the best job so that you can earn what you deserve. You should be able to meet all the terms and conditions set in the industry. This ensures that you gain the confidence and trust of your clients. Most of the building owners in Australia understand what constitutes building and pest inspection. So, if you do low standard work, you are bound to lose all your clients and have a bad reputation in the industry.

You should make it a point to always put yourself in your clients’ shoes. Think of how you would feel if you hired an inspector and they did a substandard job. Therefore, focus on taking your time as you check every part of the building to ensure you give a well-detailed report showing the actual picture of the building.

How To Succeed As A Building And Pest Inspector

After attaining all the qualifications and meeting all the regulations set for a building and pest inspections career, the next thing to do is to know how to succeed. Just like any other career, the competition is high because there are many building inspectors in Australia. Below are some useful tips to help you succeed in this career.

Always Offer High-Quality Inspection Work

The most critical thing that will allow you to gain a competitive edge is offering high-quality inspection work. Clients expect nothing but 100 per cent satisfaction from the services you offer. So, be sure that you meet the expectations of your clients by doing a thorough inspection.

Make sure you check all corners and every part of any given building for giving clear and well-detailed reports. With high-quality results, you will enjoy high referrals and get a strong client base.

Market Your Inspection Services

With the high competition in the building inspection industry, you need to make your services well-known. Apply the right marketing strategies to get the required exposure. You can make use of any of the many marketing strategies, including social media marketing, word of mouth, brochures, among others.

Most property buyers and sellers use real estate agents in their transactions. Therefore, make it your priority to develop good relationships with the agents to help market your building inspection services.

Be Organised in All Your Tasks

Effective organisation is critical to your success. You should be organised to ensure that you meet the expectations of your clients. Create a schedule, which will enable you to attend to the needs of each of your clients within the agreed-upon time. Ensure that you only make promises that you can deliver to avoid disappointing your clients.

It is also good to have contact information and a physical location where clients can meet with you to discuss their various building inspection needs. Be prompt in handling all your clients’ needs to win their trust and confidence.

Are You Ready To Start Working As A Building And Pest Inspector?

Becoming a successful building and pest inspector entails more than just walking and checking buildings. Bear in mind that you have your clients’ futures and livelihoods in your hands. As a result, you need to be dedicated and committed to offering the highest quality inspection services.

You should be trustworthy to gain a lot of clients and enjoy high referral rates. Ensure you get all the right qualifications and meet all the codes set in the industry before offering any inspection services. You can also seek advice from other successful building and pest inspectors on how to conduct yourself to meet your set goals.



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