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Why do I need a dilapidation report?

If you are planning on doing any renovations, you need to get a dilapidation report in order to record any existing defects, and the overall condition of the premises. This way, we can advise of any potential risks and help you to avoid making renovations that instead of improving your household and potentially increasing property value, end up costing you thousands to fix.

We will return once the renovations have finished, and document and advise on any changes in the condition of the building, so you can be sure of what changes have been made, and how this has impacted structural integrity and longevity of the building.

Are you a property manager?

If you are a property manager, Jim’s Building Inspections Adelaide’s dilapidation reports are perfect for you! You will want to ensure that the condition of the property is clearly documented by a trained and experienced building inspector. That way, our building inspectors can periodically inspect the property, and advise of any hard to see and detect defects. Most defects are easily concealed from those without the proper training. We have many years’ expense inspecting Adelaide properties, and have keen eyes for detail. We know what we are looking for to ensure the property you manage is being well treated and kept in great condition.

Our Adelaide building inspectors are also insured, so if anything goes wrong, we won’t be left in the dark! Not to mentioned, we are all backed by the Jim’s Group 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Renting a House?

Before you commit to renting a property, ensure you have it inspected by one of our Adelaide based building inspectors. They will be able to take photos, and note the existing damage to any property, and ensure that come time you need to have your bond returned, any potential disputes in regards to property damage, will not lead to you being penalised for something that was not your fault! We have years of experience with properties, and can even advice of potential damage that may occur during your tenancy.

Don’t risk losing your bond over simply missed defects, that any one of our Adelaide building inspectors would have picked up.

Who we service

This report is for:
  • Neighbours
  • New construction projects
  • Work on semi-detached buildings
  • Builders undertaking extensions and renovations

Type of work

This report is used for:
  • Demolition
  • Excavation
  • Trench digging
  • Compaction of earth
  • Drilling or Boring

Potential Damage

The report records:
  • Impact damage
  • Cracking
  • Subsidence
  • Water damage
  • Dust/dirt or debris