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Why do I need a commercial building inspection?

Just like buying a house, commercial property is a significant investment; an investment that you can’t afford to lose on. Don’t leave the investment to chance, get a building inspection. This way, you can have a much more informed idea of whether or not you are absorbing costly structural damage.

For all commercial or industrial property acquisition, we strongly recommend building inspections in Adelaide. Primarily due to the fact that sellers will often place a ‘band aid’ solution over items that could raise concern to an untrained eye. For instance, we often see crack repairs both internally and to external brickwork that can be difficult to pick up without the kind of analysis that our building inspectors provide. Without a trained inspector going over the property as thoroughly as we do, you are liable to miss these ‘quick fix’ short-term solutions to property damage, that could cost you thousands in the long run!

Further, depending on how the property is intended to be used, or whether or not it will be a place of employment, there are industry specific regulations that must be followed. Retrospectively bringing a commercial property up to industry regulated standards can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Before you purchase, you need to be aware of what financial liabilities may be incurred. Our trained, experience and insured Adelaide building inspectors will be sure to assist you in this regard. Don’t leave your investments to chance

Our inspections can include:

  • Complete pre-purchase and pre-sale report
  • Asbestos inspection
  • Invasive inspections