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Selling your house and you have been told that you require a pool compliance certificate?

Are you selling or buying a property with a pool in Adelaide? Did you know that ….FILL IN WITH LEGISLATION…

Without a pool compliance certificate, if anything were to go wrong or an accident was to happen involving your pool, you would be liable for that! Further, most insurers would not cover you in that instance.

We have all seen how quickly things can escalate when children are left unsupervised, even for a second, in a backyard with a pool – even if there is some sort of gate! The reason we are so passionate about ensuring your pool compliance is taken care of, is to prevent the worse possible outcome.

Jim’s Building Inspections can provide you with a pool compliance statement if all aspects of the fence comply within 24 hours of being contacted with franchisee’s spread out across the metropolitan area. One call to our Australian call centre can have you talking with an inspector near you within seconds.

Call us now on 131 546 to speak directly to one of our Inspectors.