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Smoke Alarms, Your Homes Seatbelt In The Case Of A Fire

Smoke Alarms, Your Homes Seatbelt In The Case Of A Fire

by | Feb 8, 2021

As stated in a 2018 report by Fire and Rescue NSW, ‘ The homes of today have changed dramatically, and in those changes the risk to toxicity in the event of a fire has increased exponentially’.

Modern homes, alongside being larger in size often include petroleum based synthetic furnishings, synthetic carpets and increased possessions. Whilst synthetic materials are considerably more cost effective, it must be noted that home fires reach levels of tenability loss at much faster rates. It is therefore astonishing that with the increased risks posed by modern homes that 56% of fire fatality incidents had no smoke alarm present.

It is recommended that fire alarms are consistently tested and that their batteries are constantly replaced. However, as fires occurring in bedrooms only account for 17% of home fires, yet make up 36% of fires in which a fatality occurs, it is recommended that the number of smoke alarms be increased to one per bedroom and living space. Furthermore the report suggests an interconnected system and sprinkler systems for larger shared residences.

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