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Termites- What Are They? And How Can You Stop Them?

Termites- What Are They? And How Can You Stop Them?

by | Dec 22, 2020

Termites are a small pale-bodied insect that can be highly destructive to timber and buildings. Termite damage is no small issue within Australia, in fact approximately 32 percent of all houses in Australia currently have termite activity in or around their home. With so many young people building their first homes under the Federal Government’s home builder grant, we thought there would be no better time to present the preventative measures you can take to control the risk of termites!

  1. Chemical Barrier

A chemical barrier is a chemically treated zone that surrounds the perimeter of a building or structure. This treatment zone lays beneath the ground, positioned strategically to disrupt the path of termites.

  • Reticulation system

Secondly, A reticulation system is like the above barrier type. Except you lay a pipe at the bottom of the trench. Like an irrigation pipe, it has been designed to take high-pressure termiticide and disperse it evenly through tiny holes. The trench is backfilled and drenched as per the above barrier.

  • Physical Barrier

A Physical Termite Barrier is installed underneath or around the perimeter of a home’s slab and around pipe penetrations. This will prevent termites, capable of fitting through a gap sized 1.5mm, from entering your property. It offers long-lasting protection for your property without the need to continually top it up with additional chemicals.

  • Termite Baiting System-

Plastic bait stations containing wood attractive to termites are placed in the ground around the property, intercepting termites before they reach your property. Whilst nothing physically stops the termites from entering your property, research has shown the system virtually eliminate the chance of termites entering your home.

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