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What Does A Building Inspector Do?

Building Inspector Inspecting Roof Frame

What Does A Building Inspector Do?

by | Sep 29, 2021

First, what is a building inspector? A building inspector is anyone that professionally inspects buildings to ensure they are safe for use. The inspector achieves this by enforcing the building code which specifies the standards buildings should adhere to during construction and renovation. Sometimes an inspector goes by the title building official, code administrator, or construction inspector.

Whether you are tearing down or making an addition to your home, you need to apply for a permit to do so. It would be best to involve a building inspector in the mentioned processes to ensure they are correctly and legally done. The inspector will need access to the building because their job requires them to be physically present onsite.

Most inspectors are thorough in their work. The rationale behind this is if the inspector approves a plan or building and later on serious issues develop, they could be held legally liable. You should therefore cooperate with your inspector and follow their suggestions for reliable inspections and approvals.

What Is A Building Code?

A building code is a set of standards designed to determine construction quality and safety. Before moving into a newly constructed or renovated building, you should engage a construction inspector to examine and approve it for occupation. Only after passing the inspection can you occupy the building. Often, building inspectors look at the building plans before even the property is built, saving you time and money by possibly identifying issues before construction. Building codes change regularly. Therefore, an inspector should be up to date with the latest removals or additions to the code.

What Do Building Inspectors Do?

Other than conducting structural audits for new and existing buildings to ensure their soundness, here are other specific duties of a building inspector:

  • Recommending and approving alterations and repairs
  • Reviewing construction plans and giving feedback
  • Identifying compliance issues based on state, local, and federal codes
  • Physical inspection of construction aspects like drainage and elevation
  • Visiting building sites to inspect every phase of construction
  • Issuing an occupancy certificate upon satisfactory project completion

What Skills Does A Building Inspector Have?

Building inspectors must be familiar with all procedures of a construction project as they are responsible for evaluating the safety and quality of a building. Here are their must-have skills and attributes:

  • Attention to detail
  • Good listener and communicator
  • Problem-solving mindset
  • Organised and with forecasting abilities
  • Good leadership and management

What Else Do Building Inspectors Specialise In?

As mentioned earlier, building inspectors are involved in all stages of construction, including planning, financing, and surveying. However, there are several avenues for specialisation. A good building inspector should oversee and understand all aspects of a build. And thus, have the knowledge to specialise in other building sectors.

Construction Estimator

Building inspection experience is essential in construction estimation. Having in-depth knowledge of the construction industry makes inspectors great estimators. The job entails estimating finances, energy efficiency, building materials, and environmental conditions.


The work of a surveyor is to take measurements, collect data, and give professional advice to builders and developers while guaranteeing consistency in building works and architectural plans.

Building Consultant

Building inspectors can specialise as independent consultants. Building consultants are individuals familiar with every phase of construction and the ways to sustain a budget. They work with multiple clients on contract.

What Makes A Good Building Inspector?

Not all building inspectors are passionate about inspecting buildings. Some are here to make a quick buck because construction is booming everywhere. An inspector you can rely on is detailed, genuine, and practical. After all, you want an inspection that is thoroughly and truthfully done.



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